Voluntary work

Voluntary work

Did you know that Finns are still kind of foresters. Most of us like the nature. Comparing to the size of Finland, we are pretty few inhabitants. That means naturally lots of forest and of course we are also known about our lakes. Finland has a long tradition in sports like orienteering that started in Scandinavia at 1800’s among soldiers.

Especially during the summer time there are lots of different trail running events, from marathon to shorter and longer distances. There are some bigger groups that organize trail running races in Finland, e.g. NUTS (Northern Ultra Trail Service) and Nuuksio Classic.

In addition to them, many orienteering clubs organize shorter races in trails and nature.

Mikael was doing voluntary work at Nuuksio Trail Maraton that is organized in our “backyard” at Nuuksio National Park. Also Sari was there taking some pictures which can be seen here Nuuksio Classic 2016 Photos

If there were no one interested in voluntary work, in a small country like Finland, it would be hard to organize any races for a reasonable entry fee for the participants.

But it is not always about money. If you love to race, it is useful and FUN to attend as an assistants. You meet people that you know and you have a chance to make new friends with. I do recommend to try!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
– Ryunosuke Satoro

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