Training for Marathon of Dangers 130 km

Training for Marathon of Dangers 130 km

Training for Marathon of Dangers 130 km

Here’s a few thoughts that I have noticed. We have been in Koli twice, in 2013 and last year. Both years Mikael run the 86km race. Last the plan was to run the new 130km race, but due to the storm it was cancelled and he had to change to the shorter race. I definitely hope that this year the plan does not change due to weather conditions.

The season starts to be in the end soon. It is soon October and weather is getting cooler and cooler. Here in Finland we need to pay attention to clothing, buff and gloves are must already now.

It is less than a week for Vaarojen Marathon at Koli, in English it is called Marathon of Dangers. The race starts at 22.00 in the evening. It is already dark at the Northern Carelian.

Koli has always been a spiritual place in Finland. There are stories and myths about spirits, fairies and ancient godhood. Finnish composers like Sibelius was inspired by Koli while composing sinfonia. There is a nice atmosphere in this little village. There lives only a couple of hundred people but during a race weekend like Vaarojen Maraton the village gets really busy with all the tourists and runners. When you a nice peaceful place, you may almost hear his sinfonia.

We will travel to Koli already on Thursday. It takes some 6-7 hours by car to drive there. Before the race we both need a good, long sleep and a chance to make a small training after sitting in the car.

Mikael’s last 3 weeks has gone as planned. He got all the training sessions and runs and now he has done everything the best possible way. I have done some massage during last week. His calf has been a little stiff, but still a good stretching sessions every evening might help.

One of our routines is to pack all the gear in good time. We gather all necessary equipment ready during the week, to avoid forgetting anything.

This weekend was relaxing. Some running in Nuuksio Nationalpark. Yesterday we went to see a Swimrun race at Nuuksio. If you are interested checking some pics, you may find them here.

Next post will be the report of the Vaarojen Marathon race. We both are already getting excited. It is one part of preparing for the race.

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