The story behind UltraStanleyPark

The story behind UltraStanleyPark
Young Mikael with a passion for orienteering
Passion to exercise from a young age

This site’s history dates back to my childhood. I have always had a passion for exercise. I grew up doing lots of sports with my family, mainly orienteering and skiing. Since I was 12 years old, my father has been coaching me both in physical and orienteering skills. In addition to orienteering I learned the first basic steps of improving my physical fitness and systematic training.

For a few years in the beginning of my work career I had less time for running. An obligatory break, maybe. But when I turned 30, I was back. At that time we moved very close to Nuuksio National Park which provided great training opportunities on trails and in the woods.

Ultrarunning entering our lives in 2003

I heard about ultra running for the first time in 2003 and got immediately inspired by that great sport. As a result I ended up running my first 6-hour ultra race in spring 2004. Since then I have run more than 30 ultra races. Click the links to learn more about my races, results and history.

In addition to running, I do cycling, orienteering, yoga, strength training at the gym, rogaining, and swimming, which all support my main sport ultrarunning.

It takes an effort to share my time between my demanding work at IC business, customer coaching for my own company and my own training. Running works like meditation for me.

I like to challenge myself. My nutrition studies support my goals in ultrarunning. For the last 10 years Sari and I have concentrated our focus more and more on mental coaching. I have attended an NLP training course and several other seminars in that field.

The origin of UltraStanleyPark

You might wonder where does the name UltraStanleyPark come from. There are places that touch you. This name came to me in 2005 when we visited Vancouver in Canada. I have visited Canada and Rocky Mountains several times, but that was the first time in Vancouver and Stanley Park. We ran and roller skated there. It’s a place with great spirit. I wanted to anchor the spirit within my soul and since then I have been known as ”StanleyPark” in the Finnish ultra running circuit.

Since 2007 I have kept a running blog in Finnish where I have shared details of my training and racing. I feel a need to share the knowledge we have obtained together with Sari during these years.

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